aeration seeding service clemmons nc

Let Your Grass Breathe

Ask about our aeration seeding service in Clemmons, NC

Your grass is a living thing that needs water, air and nutrients to thrive. But if thatch has built up on the surface of your lawn, it could be blocking these vital nutrients from reaching your roots. Thankfully, Pazcual Lugo Enterprise can help with our aeration seeding services, available in Clemmons, NC and the surrounding area.

Using high-quality machinery, we'll aerate the ground to plant seeds and allow water and nutrients to reach the roots. Soon, you'll notice that your grass is greener and fuller than ever. Schedule an appointment for our biannual aeration seeding service now.

Say goodbye to brown spots

Do you have limp grass or brown spots across your yard? You can solve this problem by getting professional lawn fertilization services with our team. We'll:

  • Inspect your yard
  • Create a custom treatment plan
  • Use targeted fertilizers to help your grass and plants thrive
  • Solve fungus and pest problems.

You can even get chemical treatments to fight against weeds. Call 336-407-9504 today to learn more about our lawn fertilization services.